Mapping the Pathways of Galaxy Transformation Across Time and Space
Avalon, Catalina Island, California:  July 31 - August 5, 2016


There are numerous suggested pathways for transitions between blue, gas-rich, disky galaxies and red, gas-poor spheroidal galaxies.

This conference aims to bring together the world’s experts on galaxy transformation at both low and high redshift, and from observation and theory, to define the outstanding questions and to identify new approaches to isolating the relevant processes over the history of the Universe.

Science drivers:

    ⭐︎ Identifying recently transformed galaxies
    ⭐︎ Investigating the pathways to this transition:

        group and cluster environments
        AGN feedback
        secular evolution
    ⭐︎ Defining how the rate and drivers of transformations may change over cosmic time

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Science Organizing Committee

Katherine Alatalo (Carnegie, chair)

Lee Armus (IPAC)

Michael J. Brown (Monash)

Alan Dressler (Carnegie)

Philip Hopkins (Caltech)

Lisa Kewley (ANU)

Mark Lacy (NRAO - Charlottesville)

Kevin Schawinski (ETH - Zurich)

Vivienne Wild (St. Andrews)

Ann Zabludoff (Arizona)

Local Organizing Committee

Katherine Alatalo (Carnegie)

  1. K.Decker French (Arizona)

Rachael Beaton (Carnegie)

Lauranne Lanz (IPAC)

Kirsten Larson (IPAC)

Jeff Rich (Carnegie, IPAC)

Marja Seidel (Carnegie)